Location: Live Oak Event Center - University of Central Florida - Orlando

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Friday: 6 - 8 PM

Come listen to remarks by some of our nation's most prominent economic and constitutional scholars who will lay out America's true financial peril and the immediate constitutional action that 'We the American People' can take to stop our government from bankrupting America.

Saturday: 10 - 4 PM

Come attend a number of illuminating events (workshops, a panel discussion and speeches) which will open your eyes to our nation's true economic peril, the constitutional amendments which could solve the problem, and the Article V Convention which the states can use to ratify the best one.

This is just the START. When the conference winds down, we will launch the 'I Am American' campaign to unite all Americans who are worried about our economic future in a grass-roots movement. Its purpose will be to pursue the Article V Convention as the method by which the states can stop our government from bankrupting America! Please visit: www.iAmAmerican.org to join with us in our effort to save the American dream!